littleBits STEAM + English Workshop

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Using littleBits STEAM set students will be immersed in a fun English as second language workshop. Students will follow video and illustrated instructions building various projects. Afterwards they apply what they learned to innovative games and activities or remix what they have built into something new and exciting 

Students are first introduced to the lessons “bits”; power, input and outputs. Afterwhich they learn English sentences and vocabulary that will help them complete the class challenge. 

The first half of the workshop has students building a project (car, doodle bot, catapault) by following through video instructions. 

The reminder of the class is a challenge where the students build an invention or gadget based on what they’ve learned. 

Students are encouraged to be creative and use proved resources, for example 3D printed parts, crafting supplies and recyled materials.  

At the end of the lesson they take a picture with their creation and create an entry in their invention book describing their project. Students are allowed to take home the crafting materials while leaving the littlebits in the classroom. The invention book is provided to the students a the end of the workshop. 

At STEAM Workz we believe in the “power of play” which means games and activities are designed to be enjoyable while educational. 

For 6-10 makers, ages 8-12.

  • Discounted rate for 12 1.5 hour sessions or individual sessions with seat availability. 
  • Near Beigang Nightmarket

What are Littlebits?

Little bits are colorful electronic blocks that click together with magnets. They allow kids to experiment without the worry of incorrectly connecting the pieces. Little bits are easy and fun for anyone to work with. Littlebits allow students to learn engineering concepts through experimental play.

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We encourage students to try new things and experiment. 

Problem Solving Skills

Students use Littlebits to solve simulated real world problems. 

Social Interaction

Participants will work together solving themed challenges.