About Us​

Patrick And Chloe

We are a husband and wife team with an immediate bilingual family of artists and artisans. Together we make a passionate team well-suited for STEAM DIY workshops. Steam Workz hosts weekend workshops that introduce kids and young adults to STEAM technologies and industries while immersing them in English.

Patrick has been building robots for over 15 years. A certified ESL teacher who has over 1000+ classroom hours. His business development career has allowed him to work in the automobile, bicycle, IT, and building construction industries. His passions are robotics, PC building, electronics, automation, and gaming.

Chloe is a successful small business owner and professional baker. Before becoming a small business owner, she had a career in import and export for duty-free companies. There is very little she cannot do as she picks up new things extremely quickly.

Let's Collaborate

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